Friday, February 1, 2013

Emerging Odyssey Part XIX

“I’m leaving.”
“You’ll be back.”
I packed everything in our flat that was of value to me, believing that I would not return to my husband in Russia.
My first fellow passenger on my long flight told me that I should never fear death. He proceeded to share his near-death experience. He was working on a tractor and was crushed by a falling log. He was officially dead on the surgery table for over 15 minutes. He left his body, saw himself on the table and then experienced the most peaceful and indescribable experience in heaven.
I started shaking.
I arrived at my first destination, hoping to visit a dear girlfriend for a few days in Atlanta, Georgia. That night her husband had an acute gall bladder attack and ended up in the hospital. I was compelled to leave the following day. On my way to the airport my taxi driver told me that I should never be afraid because Jesus loves me. When I got to the curb at the airport, my baggage handler told me that Jesus loves me.
When I got on the plane I was shaking and shaking with a sense of foreboding.
My flight attendant started talking with me and asked if I had ever read a book, Celestial Prophecy, the very same book I had just finished reading when I decided that I needed to leave my husband in Russia.
I knew that something was stirring in my life, something spiritual was taking place.
I was terrified !