Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lost Playtime

Yesterday my spouse teasingly grabbed me in a bear hug and then proceeded to rub his beard on my neck, tickling me.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't get the desired effect he wanted.

I started screaming, feeling tortured !

Between gasps for breath, I yelled, "Let me go or I'll hurt you !

When he relinquished his hold I socked him on the arm, shouting, "Don't ever do that to me again !"

Feeling like a puppet, I haltingly threw my purse over my shoulder, bolted out the front door, and recklessly drove down the winding hillside.

I thought this one was behind me, but obviously not !

Remembering how my father and brother would hold me down against my will and tickle me mercilessly while I writhed and screamed at them to let me go, brought back the feeling of helplessness and rage in a little girl I used to know.

Poor little thing !

Today exhausted, disjointed and discouraged I am trying hard to pick up the pieces with my spouse who can't figure out what happened.

LOVE, be my good parent and console my broken heart.


  1. After a few elbows to the stomach, my husband learned not to walk up behind me and grab me from behind. The elbow to the stomach is an automatic response unless he says something first so that I know it is him.

  2. As a man.....

    I am very jumpy. Being tapped on the shoulder can maky my heart race.

    Last year I suffered a mild heart attack, so have to be even more vigilant now.

    Some people just don't understand though.