Thursday, August 11, 2011

recall of a lifetime

Its been over 23 years since I first awakened from a nightmare and found myself in a new state of reality; my old skin no longer fit. My world was shattered as I relived the horrifying feelings of my intimate parts being invaded by my father.

Today I am thankful that I am MORE THAN A SURVIVOR !

Thanks to faithful friends and therapists I am being transformed daily by the loving hand of God and know that my REDEEMER lives !

As I experience my daily frailties I am reminded that I am weak but HE is strong in me.

The VICTORY is in Jesus and I am blessed beyond all imaginations with new life, new insight, revelations, visions, prophetic dreams, peace and abundant JOY through my trials.

My greatest challenge is to recognize the OLD me and relinquish it into the hands of my LOVING and faithful Lord.

I am surrendered and humbled by my daily journey.

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